As of April 1st , 2020 we are open for business and our operation of hours have not been changed ( until further notice ) HOWEVER , even though we still have a good amounts of inventory, we are unfortunately out of some popular kits and then  on some items  we are running low stock .

  Despite the Covid-19 effecting everyone all around the world, Italy seems to have taken the hardest hit and all businesses are closed at this moment including Dimsport Italy . We wish them the very best of health and rather not to email or check the status of our orders since they have many more important things to worry about right now ! 

  I am hoping this situation will be over soon and we will all go back to our normal lives and  pretty sure that as soon as our home office comes back to work, our orders will be fulfilled !

  Since then, we will conduct business as usual and continue to sell and support our products. PLEASE email us before ordering to check stock. Or If you have ordered anything, you should have received an email explaining the delay . at the same time our web site will allow ordering as long as you are willing to wait. Thank you for your patience ! 

Sincerely ,
Yaman Turan