Cycle Pro  is Dimsport, Rapid Bike products official North America distributor, We are also looking for a few fine motorcycle dealers, shops or tuners to proudly sell and/or install Rapid Bike kits., for any information regarding becoming a RB dealer and requirements please e-mail us or call directly.    If you have any product questions or a specific motorcycle that is not listed here please contact us. We'll inform you about the availability, specifications and pricing.  You can e-mail us directly at   

We  stock most of the kits and the accessories, after ordering your product, you will shortly receive and e-mail for the ETA on the system that you ordered. If we don't have it in stock we will automatically order it from DimSport Italy, which usually takes about 3-4 weeks to receive. Thank you. 

ATTENTION: We do not ship to Brazil nor sell any products to customers who will operating their motorcycles in Brazil. This caution is due to different spec fuel that is being used in the country. Rapid Bike EVO and Racing module are programmed to be used in USA and will not effectively work in Brazil. For more info please contact your local distributor.

SNOWMOBILE PRODUCTS: There is no official snowmobile products being produced by Dimsport currently. For anything snowmobile related, please contact Dimsport directly. Rapid Bike USA does not offer nor have the experience with any snowmobile related questions. For more info please go to

 Please DO NOT place an order if you are in a different country other than USA or Canada. We will CANCEL your order without any further discussion. We have utmost respect for other Rapid Bike family dealer/distributors in other countries. PLEASE support your own local business. However if you need assistance locating a dealer / distributor in your area or country please e-mail us , we will gladly forward your e-mail to Dimsport. 

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