>>PLEASE NOTE<<< Below comments only apply to North American market, if you live in the different parts of the world , please contact your local distributor / dealer for further assistance.

Q: Is Rapid Bike approved by EPA or CARB (California Air Resources Board)

A: No, our products don't meet emission compliance requirements for street or highway use. Sold as "racing" and "Closed circuit use" only. DO NOT PURCHASE THE PRODUCT IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR STATE LAW. By purchasing it, you assume full liability !


Q: Can you give me a call?

A: Recently, we have been receiving emails asking for a “phone call” . With all due respect , we will not call. Please make an effort to give us a call or email. We reply to emails almost immediately.

Q: I have a S1000RR , 2009-2018 with a flashed ECU, is Rapid Bike compatible  with it ?

A: As much as we would like to say yes it should/would , lately ( since the beginning of 2021) we have been hearing and receiving a lot of complaints about the Rapid Bike being used with the popular ECU flash that is done by a very popular ECU flashing guys, however during our diagnostics, we are  proud to state that NONE of the issues have been Rapid Bike related.

 Q: Can the end user install the product ( installation by the customer) ?

A: In most cases we ALWAYS recommend Rapid Bike kits to be installed by a professional technician, but if you must do it yourself, please e-mail us info@rapidbike.us for the specific installation manual e-mailed BEFORE ordering the product to review the difficulty level of the installation process.USA / CANADA CUSTOMERS ONLY. Any others markets, please contact the dealer/distributor in your own country. 


Q: I have purchased a used second hand kit and there seems to be something wrong with it or it is questionable, is there any warranty?

A: if the system was purchased from an outside of USA dealers and shipped to US, please do not contact us, contact to seller and have them handle the issue. However, if it was purchased within the USA and have a proof of purchase, we can assist you with the issue or problem or reprogramming/ updating the firmware for you . DOES NOT APPLY,  IF THE PRODUCT WAS PURCHASED AT AN OUTSIDE OF USA/CANADA DEALER NETWORK.


Q: I have a Ducati Monster 821 / 1200 S / R with Rapid Bike EVO system installed, occasionally the check engine light comes on while at light throttle and low RPM riding, is this problem? ( THIS GLITCH DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER MODELS OF DUCATI or any other motorcycles )

A: The glitch is, Monster 821/1200 ECU triggers a check engine light if Rapid Bike makes any adjustments below 3600 rpm. Since discovering of this glitch, we then started shipping all Monster 821 / 1200 kits with the adaptive tuning set at (starting point ) 3600 RPM ( which also covers down to 3300 RPM ) and this fixes the issue.


Q: I have installed Rapid Bike on my Ducati 848 and the bike only starts when the rear or front brake is applied!

A: Incorrect polarity, please check the last page of instructions along with 2 added pages regarding how to correctly check polarity. This is especially important for all of 848, 848EVO, 1098, 1198, SF848, SF1098 models, they all use the same harness and power supply must be proper.


Q: I would like to have my dealer install my Rapid Bike but they are not an official Rapid Bike dealer, is that a problem?

A: Absolutely NOT, our customer service does not end with the purchase of the product, it continuous as long as you own the product, even after the warranty expires. We will help you or the installing shop in anyways we can, please have your shop contact us before or during the installation of the product. 


Q: I just sold my bike and removed Rapid Bike system, can I use the kit  on my new bike ?

A: Of course, just send your module to us with a prepaid return shipping label and we can reprogram it (you still need a model specific harness for the new bike) and ship it back to you ( free of charge ) and you can also purchase a model specific harness as well . We also sell modules and wiring harnesses separate. Please NOTE: Rapid Bike Racing module is not available for some models, please e-mail us if you need more info. Unlike competitors’ products, Rapid Bike is not a dead investment; it can be carried on from one bike to another and becomes a very smart small investment.


Q: I have a Rapid Bike system with My Tuning Bike module added on. Can I remove it and let my buddy use it to tune his bike since he has a Rapid Bike on his bike?

A: Just like every Rapid Bike EVO and Racing modules,  My Tuning Bike module has a unique serial number and if it's used with one system, it will not work with another However in the event of a failure of a My Tuning Bike module, you can use another one with your EVO or Racing system.


Q: Do I need to specify, push or pull type of switch when purchasing the Quick shift sensor?

A: No, since our strain gauge sensor can be programmed to work either direction (but NOT both at the same time, (UNLESS IT IS OUR BLIPPER KIT). It is a very simple check and adjustment, included in the instructions.


Q: Why don't you have a map database?

A: Every system we sell comes with a base map and, our free software also comes with a map database as well, BUT quite frankly we don't believe in one specific set of maps for each make and model and that is why we have an adaptive tuning future built in with every Rapid Bike EVO or Racing system we sell. We think we would be fooling ourselves and customers if we told you just to use a set of base map and be done with it! Even if we had developed a perfect map with perfectly executed dyno tuning session for a certain make and model, EVERY BIKE is different even within the same model with the same identical modifications. We would also be fooling ourselves and our customers if we told you that the map developed in Florida (or Italy) will work just fine anywhere in the country.  


Q: I have a 2015 Yamaha R1  ( or a different make and model ) and just got my ECU flashed and was told my fuel injection mapping would be fine or perfect ( yes we have heard that too ) , do I still need tuning ?

A: As popular as ECU flashing is lately, it is still necessary to manage fuel injection mapping unless YOUR ECU was flashed and fuel injection mapping was done with YOUR BIKE on the dyno, otherwise it is not correct to say it will be just fine ! However if the ECU flashing is done to optimize and get rid of the factory restrictions then it is actually a perfect combination ECU flash + Rapid Bike fuel/ignition management. This is actually the preferred choice of some of the best tuners and race teams we work with.


Q: What about using race fuel with any Rapid Bike system?

A: We highly recommend dyno tuning if the race fuel is going to be used and should be done by a tuner who has experience with that particular fuel, we should also focus on the oxygenation level of the fuel and the type of the race fuel the burning characteristics that will make a difference in Ignition and fuel injection mapping so can be optimized with proper tuning . But just like any other O2 sensor, your bikes O2 sensor life will be greatly reduced with the use of leaded fuel.


Q: Where do I download the installation and software manual ? (USA AND CANADA CUSTOMERS ONLY , ALL OTHERS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR in your country or contact Dimsport directly www.dimsport.it

A: E-mail us info@rapidbike.us we would be more than happy to e-mail you specific application manual even if you haven't purchased the product yet. Or here 


Q: Do you provide any sort of training?

A: Well of course, our goal is to get our end user or the tuner/installer most out of Rapid Bike system, our support does NOT end with the purchase of the product but it continuous as long as you own the product. It doesn't matter if you are an end user or a shop, we want you to find the answer to your questions right here at the source of the product, give us a call we will gladly assist you even if it means to remotely connect to your PC and your bike to give you software training, checking your installation or troubleshooting, none of this service costs any money. We stand 110% behind our product and support it!  Support will be provided at our convenience , please make prior arrangements.


Q: I have a Ducati Hyper 821 and half of my dash has been going blank from time to time and I also have Rapid bike installed on my bike, does this issue have anything to do with Rapid Bike.

A: Absolutely not, please contact your dealer. I had to mention this issue here because some of the Ducati dealers have blamed this issue on Rapid Bike which has nothing to do with Rapid Bike.  The issue actually ended up being the stock ECU gone bad!


Q: My bike has different engine modes and traction control setting with other electronics standard to the bike. Will Rapid Bike change / disable any of these functions and will all my settings stay the same? 

A: Rapid Bike does not interfere with any of the stock electronics or the functions of the bike. Everything will function normal and in some cases customers have reported the engine power modes actually works better with optimized fueling.


Q: I have a Panigale with a stalling and hot starting issue, will Rapid Bike fix that?

A: No, this is a very common problem with Panigale family with or without Rapid Bike installed and has nothing to do with the Rapid bike system, please contact your friendly local Ducati dealer BEFORE installing Rapid Bike and/or installing any kind of upgrades. We think this issue should be solved before anything. 


Q: How do you handle returns? 

A: No returns if the product is opened and installed. Our return policy is clearly listed on or web site in "TERMS" page please read before ordering any products.


Q: I have some idling and hot/cold starting problem; will Rapid Bike cure any of that?

A: Short answer is no , it will not , Rapid Bike does not manage  cold/hot starting circuit of the stock ECU along with idling, there are some makes and models we can name but some do it some don't ...... However, if the idling and/or stalling issues are due to poor fueling at idle, you can add or remove fuel in idling rpm range to help. Your idling will be lumpy if you have a short muffler and this is not necessarily a malfunction.