This item is not a warranty item, and therefore not susceptible to return, exchange, or refund.

Bosch wide band Lambda sensors, LSU 4.9 and LSU 4.2 available for purchase. The LSU 4.9 comes with "My Tuning Bike" modules there is no need to purchase it separately, unless buying it for spare or a replacement. LSU 4.9 is being used with our current line of My Tuning Bike Modules.  

  If you have an older My Tuning Bike module with LSU 4.2 , the LSU 4.2 must be purchased as the connector sizes are different between 4.9 and 4.2 versions. Please take a look at the photos to determine which version of the Bosch sensor your My Tuning Bike uses. THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR WARRANTY  ON LAMBDA SENSORS, Lambda sensors are consumable and the life expectancy will greatly vary depending upon the location of the sensor and the fuel being used and the health of the engine. 

LSU 4.2 has a larger connector. 32 mm or 1.260 inches width 

LSU 4.9 has a smaller connector. 22.35 mm or 0.880 inches width (currently being used with all of our My Tuning Bike modules)