Rapid Bike Quick shifter kit ( UP-SHIFT ONLY )

Rapid Bike Quick shifter kit ( UP-SHIFT ONLY )


Important Note: For the initial set up of the quick shifter kit, it is required to be connected to Rapid Bike software via Rapid Bike USB cable ( Same cable that came with your RB EVO or Racing kit ) . If the initial set up is not performed correctly, the shifter will no function correctly.  

Electronic quick shifter kit 

K27-SW-GEAR : Strain Gauge/Loadcell quick-shifter kit. This kit is NOT a stand alone system and it must be added to your existing Rapid Bike EVO or Racing fuel management system. It connects directly to the Rapid Bike wiring harness . The load cell can be programmed for push OR pull. Generic shift rod is usually included with the kit but not always since not all bikes require a rod. In the event of rod being included in the kit will be a generic size and it is owners responsibility to perform correct measurements and cut it and secure it properly. We include a  rod based on factory rearsets.