NOTE: The California Air Resources Board ("CARB") and/or the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") does not permit the use of aftermarket emissions-related part(s) that alter the performance of OEM emissions-related devices other than on racing vehicles on closed courses. Check your local laws and manufacturer’s information.

Rapid Bike EVO and Racing kits are now available in a new "Exclusive" kit: a more simple version offered at a very interesting and competitive pricing, strictly dedicated to a specific bike model .  

  Exclusive models CAN NOT be reprogrammed and installed on a different model and DOES  come with USB communication cable. 

 We are going to add more kits to our USA inventory and please e-mail us if you have a model specific question regarding Rapid Bike Exclusive kit applications and depending on the make, model and availability , if we don't have it in the inventory, it can be ordered and may take up to 4 weeks to receive it.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exclusive kits are ONLY available for a limited select models not for entire line of Rapid Bike kits. PLEASE e-amil us before ordering if you have any questions. info@rapidbike.us

Kit includes, the RapidBike Racing  module and the USB cable and model specific wiring harness . 
The Racing module manages up to 8 injectors and modulates the signal up to two O2 sensors (up to 2 lambdas). The purpose of the O2 sensor (lambda) modulation is to prevent the stock ECU from recognizing the adjustment  applied by the RapidBike module to the injection map without any further attempts to re-set the stock parameters matching the criteria fixed by the restrictive exhaust gas emission laws. 

 When riding the motorcycle, the self-adaptive feature determines the automatic self-correction of the air/fuel ratio maps: this active management is added up to the pre-set parameters. The adjustments set by RapidBike module  improves the engine efficiency in order to reach the best performance.The self-correction process is set in multipoint technology according to RPM and TPS, for the whole range of the engine working, even when the original RPM limiter is raised (when available).
Modulating the stock O2 sensor (lambda) signal is a technology far more advanced than the so called “O2 sensor eliminator” (or any other similar device used by the competitors) since they send a static/constant signal which is in conflict with the typical behavior of the lambda sensors, therefore causing the main ECU to perceive such a constant signal as a mistake to be corrected. Thanks to Rapid Bike exclusive technology for the modulation of the stock lambda signal the main ECU considers this behavior as  standard, therefore it will not try to re-set the stock engine parameters. 
  The Racing module is universal (so is Evo module) , this means that it can be installed on all the motorcycle models listed in the applications list (once it is properly programmed using the professional software RapidBike Master PRO (sold only to dealers/tuners). 
  It can remove the speed limiter and to increase the rpm limiter up to 1000 rpm more  than the stock one (both features are not available for all bike models). It has an accelerator pump feature. 
The Racing module’s most important benefit is, the so-called Auto-adaptive feature, that is the ability to correct automatically the injection map adjustment by reading the 
signal of the stock O2 sensor (lambda) while riding the bike. 

  QUICK SHIFT READY , Race and Evo systems are quick shift ready which means no need to buy additional modules all you need is an RB quick shift sensor for the bikes that is not equipped with quick shift function from the factory.

  All Ducati Panigale 1199 and 899 Race or Evo systems control both O2 sensors which provides individual cylinder mapping and adaptive fuel injection tuning. Rb Racing and EVO modules will also control both O2 sensors on all S1000RR models.

  The range of injection’s adjustments is from -100% to +150% of the stock injection time. Can also be adjusted manually during dyno tuning.